The End of 2015 and the Beginning of the best new year ever!

I have completely and totally changed my life and career path this year. Thanks to Kyle Fox, I know have a blog and will use it starting the first day of the New Year, which is tomorrow.

After my divorce in 2011, I began changing my direction back to full time performance. It took me a couple of years to really believe that I deserved to follow what I love to do more than anything else, but then I committed to it, started to work from the Law of Attraction and this year all of this happened....

 1. Zombies from the Beyond; Thoroughly Modern Millie; Les Mis on tour; Sweeney Todd; Singin in the Rain; My Fair Lady; The Cherry Orchard plus 5 nominations including Stage Raw and the Ovation Awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in Musicals in LA; 3 Wins for the same; 2 One Woman Show appearance; selling my house, packing a truck and moving across the country to NYC.

2. In film I starred and co-starred in the following feature films - Smothered by Mothers with Heather Matarazo and Alice Amter; Fear, Love and Agoraphobia; Attack of the Killer Doughnuts which was frickin amazing fun; Acre Beyond the Rye with James Caan; Snape and the Marauders plus a commercial for Mountain Dew KICKSTART.

The most important thing I learned and practiced this year was to keep happy and joyful first AND to visualize RESULTS everyday.

Have an amazing 2016 All!